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We love learning about all of your fiesta ideas and needs. We have created various different set ups for our catering solutions that fit all sizes and budgets! 


DIY Taqueria Box : A box customized to fit your size party that comes with Tacos, Salsas, Tortillas and can even include loads of sides such as Guacamole, Mexican Rice, Mexican Corn, and Queso! 


Private Chefs Catering : Hosting a small party or are limited to a small space? No problemo, we can send a chef over with a customized menu and we can work within your limited space. 


Live Cooking Kiosks : We have loads of beautiful kiosks available to easily deliver, set up, and cook from in your own backyard! Includes equipment and your own private chefs. 


Corporate Events : We have helped host meals feeding thousands of people at events. From a lunch delivery set up to a food truck popping up at the office – we can make it happen! 


Please get in touch below to tell us all about your fiesta, and how we can best help you host your event!  

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